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Recycle to Read


We are members of  Wastebusters’ exciting Recycle to Read programme (

The programme brings together cross-sector stakeholders to develop an efficient, environmental and sustainable infrastructure for reusing and recycling toys in the UK. In addition to developing the recycling infrastructure, Recycle to Read provides dedicated collection points for toys, and rewards participating schools and communities when they reuse and recycle toys. The rewards include books and reading resources to improve children’s literacy. It is a dynamic environmental education and research programme, designed to inform, inspire and empower children to be responsible consumers by promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling (in that order of priority).

The programme also gathers information on how the industry can make more sustainable, recyclable toys and those that have greater ‘learn to play’ value, to ensure they are either recirculated for reuse, or recycled to help build a circular economy for the toy industry. 

Recycle to Read is looking at the whole life cycle and environmental imprint of toys, from production, to increasing the value of use by children and families, to efficient and environmental end of life solutions. It is an ongoing innovation programme, that aims to deliver on the UN sustainable development goals and help children see the active, responsible role they can play as a global citizen, whilst securing a more sustainable future for the toy industry.

To find out more about the programme and how you can get involved, please visit:

Professional Publishers Association


As members of the PPA (the Professional Publishers Association, ( we work collaboratively across the publishing industry to drive continuous improvement in sustainability and environmental standards. We are also advocates of, and adhere to, their Children’s Magazines Sustainability Guidance. For more information please visit:



Paper is a top priority for us as a magazine publisher. All paper used in our magazines are from leading global standard FSC and PEFC sustainable forest accreditation. This means that wood fibre used for our paper has been sourced from well managed forestry, certified to standards that uphold specific social, environmental and economic criteria.




All our magazine polybags are made from recyclable material. Where possible, we also use 30% recycled content, too. This means the bag is both from recycled material and is fully recyclable.

Covermounts and Safety Testing


Signature Publishing products are designed with readers at the focus. The fun, interactive and affordable magazines are accompanied with cover gifts, designed to add value and pleasure by interacting and integrating the content and the brand – significantly enhancing the child’s enjoyment, imaginative play and development. 


Because of this, we place great importance on the quality, safety and play value of all our covermounts. All gifts are extensively tested in line with the same EU and UK standards as retail toys, to ensure they are safe and suitable for use.

We have chosen, designed and tested the gifts so they can be loved, collected and played with over and over again.



Working closely with our suppliers, we regularly review the type and quantities of packaging over which we have control.


We have focussed on reducing the environmental impact from our packaging by removing it where possible and switching to better environmental options where packaging is necessary. All covermounts we produce are packaged in fully recyclable packaging, and we are continuing to strive for ways we can be even better. 


As members of the OPRL (the award winning On Pack Recycling Label, (, we include their labelling on all packaging and products so that our readers have simple, clear and consistent recycling information. For more information on how to recycle your items, please visit:

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