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Signature Publishing trials plastic-free packaging


Signature Publishing Ltd is making significant advances in the sustainability of products by trialling their first plastic-free packaging for their high-quality collectable toy figurines. Striving to lead the way in the Children’s magazine aisle, TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS ACADEMYmagazine’s latest issue packages its robot figurine in a plastic-free and recyclable window box. 


“As a dynamic independent specialist Children’s publishing company, we are perfectly placed to react quickly to develop and implement highly creative solutions and deliver to market,’ says Holly Tarrant, Senior Publishing Manager. “With the majority of our products sold in-store, captivating packaging that shows off the product is key, and therefore it’s been very rewarding to meet the challenge we’ve set ourselves to rethink the traditional blister packs. This plastic-free window box has been developed to hold the product safely and securely whilst still clearly displaying the quality figurine inside”. 


Sustainable packaging is an area that Signature Publishing is very focussed on. In addition to trialling new packaging, Signature is pleased to confirm that all packaging they produce is now recyclable (including all blister packs and polybags) and PCW recycled content is being introduced where possible, too. As members of the OPRL (the award winning On Pack Recycling Label), Signature’s products also include simple, clear and consistent recycling information to help the consumer and aid recycling rates. 


TRANFORMERS RESCUE BOTS ACADEMY magazine is a monthly magazine priced at £4.49. This issue will be available nationwide at all good supermarkets and newsagents on 16th April 2021.

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