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Signature Publishing offers brands and advertisers a range of titles covering girls and boys aged 3-12 years old, so there are plenty of options! Whether you would like to reach your audience through traditional advertising, advertorials, branded covermounts, sampling or even a bespoke magazine, we can tailor make a campaign around your specific launch.

Sampling and branded covermounts

Sampling is a powerful tool, especially in the highly successful collectables market. This can be done across the full print run or just to a specific retailer or region. Branded covermounts are also an excellent extension to a campaign. Produced sympathetically to your style guide or supplied by you, branded covermounts increase brand awareness.

Advertising and advertorials

In addition to standard advertising, we offer interactive advertorials which really enhance a brand and engage children. Our team is happy to put together a comprehensive package of promotions to maximise your budget and tailor make a campaign around specific launches.

Supplements and branded magazines

The team at Signature understand how to communicate with children and can produce supplements or bespoke branded magazines that fit with your brand's values and style. Interactive, fun and educational, bespoke projects encourage children to connect with your product, ideal for launches and building brand loyalty.

More information

For more information and to request a Media Pack please contact:

01483 779500


Alternatively, click here.

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