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Established in 2005, multiple award-winning Signature Publishing is one of the leading independent publishers of children's magazines. Our guiding vision is to provide the best possible products for our readers, licensing partners, retailers and advertisers. This vision is reflected in our RSV, making Signature one of the fastest growing consumer magazine publishers in the UK over the last 10 years - along with our ever strengthening relationships and standing within the children's toy and licensing industries.

The company works closely with all its suppliers, and the newstrade distribution system, in ensuring that the magazines deliver the best results for its consumer and retail customers.


Working with our business partners we will continue to invest, improve and innovate, creating fascinating, exciting, enduring and entertaining magazines that parents will love and that resonate and connect with children, igniting their imaginations!


Our strategic goal is straightforward

To grow the company into a Top-10 consumer publishing business, achieving this through organic growth, launch and acquisition.

Our guiding vision is simple but powerful

To provide the best products for our readers, advertisers, and retail partners; and to thoroughly enjoy making it happen
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